Mucheru bets on digital infrastructure upgrades to triple IT jobs

ICT secretary Joe Mucheru. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU
ICT secretary Joe Mucheru. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU 

ICT secretary Joe Mucheru has said the ongoing digital infrastructure upgrade will triple the number of IT professionals in Kenya and boost adoption of e-government across all ministries.

He said more online jobs will be created once all government departments embrace e-platform.

The platform will also make information on health, agriculture and investment readily available for quick decision, the minister said last week.

He spoke at the Kenya School of Government when he ushered in 400 management trainees currently enrolled in the 12-month Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) that is jointly managed by private sector players.

Spear-head adoption

Mr Mucheru said that ICT staff in government would also spearhead adoption of ICT in the counties where county governments are currently involved in laying infrastructure for both Wi-Fi and broadband services.

“Think of sun-dried tomatoes being imported to Kenya from Spain. Why can’t Kenyans do the same knowing too well we have the kind of sun unrivalled by many? It is up to us to think of the impact we shall have on Kenyans’ lives when we join government and speed up the process of making all government processes digital,” he said.

He welcomed the public and the private sector partnership saying it would inculcate a working culture among ICT and engineering graduates from local universities.

“Kenya is currently riding on global events that have brought presidents, prime ministers and billionaire businesspeople to its soil.

It just shows the potential Kenya has in reaping from this new found fame that has every notable person in the world keen in coming,” he said.

Mr Mucheru said that Kenya’s Vision 2030 would be achieved at a much faster pace if it prepared young people with digital skills thereby helping to power a knowledge based economy.

The PDTP is a 12 month ICT management trainee programme for ICT and engineering university graduates.