Court orders removal of Thika Road bumps in 60 days

Motorists on Thika Road. PHOTO | FILE
Motorists on Thika Road. PHOTO | FILE 

The High Court has ordered City Hall and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) to remove bumps and rumble strips along the Thika highway within 60 days following a petition by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.

Justice George Odunga on Tuesday ruled that it is the duty of the executive to ensure that sufficient footbridges and thoroughfares are erected and that they are safe for use, hence no need for bumps and rumble strips on the highway.

Mr Sonko argued that the bumps and rumble strips are the cause of unnecessary traffic jams on the busy highway, forcing motorists to dig deeper into their pockets for fuel while spending extended hours on the road.

City Hall, KeNHA and the Transport Ministry argued that the removal would inconvenience members of the public who have to walk longer distances to find crossing zones, but Justice Odunga noted that the government has a duty to provide sufficient footbridges.

Set up board

City Hall also argued that the removal cannot be done without the Nairobi County Management Board which is yet to be set up. Justice Odunga ordered that the board be constituted within 60 days as well.

“An order is issued compelling and directing City Hall in conjunction with KeNHA to within 60 days remove at their cost the bumps and rumble strips erected along Thika Superhighway at the Survey of Kenya and Homeland Inn/Kenya Breweries points, and ensure that pedestrians use the provided footbridges along the said Thika Superhighway.”

“An order compelling City Hall and directing it to within 60 days of this order facilitate the appointment of the Nairobi City County Management Board and the Nairobi City manager to execute the functions specified in the first schedule of the Urban Areas and Cities Act,” Justice Odunga added.