Karume estate trustees place new sale advert

Njenga Karume
The late Njenga Karume. FILE PHOTO | NMG   

Trustees of Njenga Karume’s estate have re-advertised sale of the former minister’s properties barely three weeks after a similar advert rattled a section of family members forcing mediation under threats of fresh litigation.

Through the same property dealers, Tysons Limited, sale of some 162 acres of land, including five where the iconic Village Inn is situated, were advertised in three separate calls for bidders in the local media. Unlike the previous one, Thursday’s advertisements were all introduced by a new line ‘This sale has been sanctioned by the Njenga Karume mediation council’.

The panel chaired by former diplomat Stephen Karau insisted all was well with the mediation and that all members of the family had agreed to the sale of the property.

“What am telling you is the official position. We have agreed to sell the property and even if some may have had reservations, they are not standing against the sale,” Mr Karau said in a telephone interview.

He had earlier in the week called a press conference to quell fears over an imminent family split regarding the sale meant to settle some Sh2.5 billion debts.