Lobby roots for professional groups in war on graft

Irene Wanyoike
APSEA chairperson Irene Wanyoike. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

All professionals practising in the country will be required to be members of a professional organisation in a strategy meant to rein in misconduct and reduce corruption.

The Association of Professional Societies in East Africa (APSEA) said Thursday the move is expected to make blacklisting of professionals engaged in corruption easy.

APSEA chairperson Irene Wanyoike said the organisation was already engaging a legal team to craft a Bill that will be submitted to Parliament to entrench the requirement in law.

“We also have professional bodies whose running remains questionable and whose formation lacks legal backing. This makes it impossible for them to punish members as culprits simply challenge their legality in court and are left Scot-free,” Ms Wanyoike said.

She was speaking on the sideline of the inaugural National Anti-Corruption Conference organised by the private sector to deliberate on the challenges and strategies to fight the vice.


The professional association has so far registered 28 members.