Mututho welcomes KRA regulations on ethanol imports

Nacada chair John Mututho. PHOTO | FILE
Nacada chair John Mututho. PHOTO | FILE  Nation Media Group

Nacada chairman John Mututho on Wednesday welcomed new regulations by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on dispensation of ethanol in the country.

While addressing a press briefing in Nyeri town, Mututho expressed pleasure over the new regulations saying that they would play a major role in curbing the production and consumption of illicit brews in the country.

“Nacada welcomes the new regulation on ethanol. They will enable the monitoring of circulation of ethanol in the country. This is a good sign of progress on the war against illicit liquor,” he said.

KRA announced it would require any persons intending to import ethanol, especially in bulk, to give their quarterly usage projections with the first estimate to be submitted in September.

Ethanol importers will also be required to seek clearance from KRA and declare their cargo a week before its arrival. The cargo is to be transported strictly using vehicles fitted with electronic tracking devices.

Mr Mututho said that although a tobacco board had not been formed yet, Nacada is still monitoring the consumption of the drug and that anyone who violated the set regulations on consumption of tobacco would be promptly prosecuted.

The Nacada chair also warned that anyone found presenting any promotional material on marijuana would face legal action since bhang remains illegal in the country.

“Marijuana is illegal. Anybody who tries to promote its consumption will face the law. This includes those who have been lacing chapattis, cakes and cookies with bhang,” said Mututho.

He also urged Kenyans to be on the lookout when purchasing and consuming pastries.