New cholera cases confirmed in Nairobi as death toll hits four

Cholera patients at Kenyatta National Hospital. PHOTO | ANTHONY OMUYA | NMG
Cholera patients at Kenyatta National Hospital. PHOTO | ANTHONY OMUYA | NMG 

New cholera cases have been reported in Nairobi after one person was admitted at Karen Hospital and others at Nairobi South Hospital.

Karen Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Quintus Ekesa said that 14 confirmed cases of cholera had been recorded at the hospital, but so far 13 people have been discharged and are being treated as outpatients.

“We have had 14 confirmed cholera cases over the last two weeks and have managed 13 successfully and discharged by Wednesday,” said Dr Ekesa.

The deadly acute diarrheal disease is caused by the bacteriium Vibrio cholerae. It infects a person’s intestines and its main symptoms include watery and smelly diarrhoea and vomiting. Death usually follows if no rapid and effective treatment is offered.

Poor hygiene and unsafe drinking water are often the main drivers of cholera outbreaks.

The current reports of confirmed cholera cases at five star hotels like Weston, Jacaranda and San Valencia hotels havedemystified the myth that cholera is only likely to infect and affect slum dwellers.

As of Wednesday, Health secretary Dr Cleopa Mailu said that 381 cholera cases had been confirmed in 12 counties including Nairobi and Garissa, which are hard hit.

“ Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) has admitted 101 patients with cholera-related symptoms and 67 cases have already been confirmed to have a strain of cholera,” said Dr Mailu while assessing the cholera-situation at the KNH on Wednesday where he donated 20 cholera-beds.

The cholera death toll has since risen to four from two on Monday and the number of confirmed cases.