Nigeria logistics firm Kobo360 now in Kenya


Kobo 360 Africa CEO Kagure Wamunyu. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA

Kobo360, a Nigerian freight logistic startup, has launched its operations in Kenya as it seeks a pie of the digital transport business.

The platform, which started as an app, linking shippers, forwarding firms and truckers is eyes the the intra-African trade space.

Kobo360 African Region chief executive Ms Kagure Wamunyu said the firm was attracted into East Africa by Mombasa port which handles more than 13 million tonnes of region-bound cargo every year.

“Our presence in Kenya means we are in a position to leverage on the nation’s high technology adoption rate to fuel logistics in East Africa and beyond,” said Ms Wamunyu in Nairobi last week.

The firm currently connects over 4,000 users including Dangote Cement, Unilever and LaFarge. In Kenya, its partners include Bidco Africa, Union Logistic, Bakhresa Group, Rafiki Millers and McNeel Millers.