Nine publishers win tender to supply Grade 5 new curriculum books

The State is supplying textbooks directly to schools. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Nine companies including government agency Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB) have won tender to supply textbooks to Grade 5 pupils under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC)

The firms will publish 12 textbooks that the government will supply to schools starting September when schools reopen and in preparation for roll-out of the new curriculum to Grade Five. The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) released results for the tenders at the weekend and told publishers to produce quality learning materials.

“No publisher will be granted ‘Approved by KICD’ status until all corrections have been done to the satisfaction of curriculum specialists in the respective learning area,” KICD acting chief executive Joel Mabonga said.

For the next few days, the KICD, education experts and publishers will converge to polish the approved books before printing.

KLB will supply Islamic Religious Education (IRE) and Kiswahili books; Moran Publishers will print English books while Mountain Top will deliver Home Science and Agriculture books.


Mathematics course books go to Mentor Publishers, Art and Craft (Book Mark Africa), Science and Technology and Social Studies (East African Educational Publishers), Christian Religious Education (Longhorn), Music (JKF) and Physical and Health Education (Spotlight).

Distribution of books in French, Arabic, Mandarin and Indigenous Languages was put on hold because they are optional subjects and there is a need to wait for schools to resume to establish the number of learners interested in the subjects.

The State is supplying textbooks directly to schools in a move targeted at achieving 1:1 textbook to student ratio.