Outgoing governors reject transition schedule

Council of Governors chairman Josphat Nanok. FILE PHOTO | NMG
Council of Governors chairman Josphat Nanok. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Council of Governors has dismissed the timelines issued by the Devolution and Planning ministry for swearing-in ceremonies, setting the stage for a showdown in the absence of assumption of office law.

The lobby representing 47 county chiefs said the ministry has overstepped its mandate by ordering them to swear in governor-elects between August 18 and August 24.

“Each county has its own transition committee to oversee the assumption of office of the Governor where ministry is only represented by a member, and therefore has no place in supervising or dictating the swearing in programme,” the CoG chairman Josephat Nanok said in a statement.

“The ministry must recognise that County Governments are independent and have full capacity to run their own affairs.”