Sosian Energy gets nod to drill Menengai steam

geothermal well
A geothermal well in Menengai. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Local renewable power firm, Sosian Energy has been granted approval to drill geothermal power in Menengai, Nakuru.

The firm got the green light through a notice last Friday by the National Environment Management Authority (Nema).

The environmental watchdog further invited the public to share their views on the project within 30-days from last Friday.

Start of the drilling by Sosian on the area measuring 9.8 square kilometres will further cement the country’s global ranking after it completed the testing of the first unit of the Olkaria V project with 82.7 megawatts.

The firm, associated with Steel and cement tycoon Narendra Raval, is one of the three Independent Power Producers contracted by the state to build the 105-MW Menengai Geothermal power plant.


Others are Mauritian-owned Quantum Power East Africa and America’s Ormat Technologies.

The approval boosts the country’ efforts to shore up its renewable energy in a bid to provide low cost power to businesses and light up more households, coming months after completion of the Olkaria V project.

Kenya is ranked position eight after the project completed in July last year.

Energy and Petroleum Authority data showed geothermal is the biggest contributor of power to the national grid, accounting for 44.12 percent.