State set to give poor homes gas cylinders in May


Kenya is seeking to encourage use of gas for cooking instead of kerosene. file PHOTO | NMG

The smallest gas cylinders will be ready for mass distribution from May as the government moves to increase duty on the kerosene, energy officials have said.

Energy secretary Charles Keter said the state’s cylinder programme which targets low income households with 6kg cylinders will be rolled out in the next three months.

“We are finalising with National Oil which is spearheading the project on how to roll out. We have been negotiating with Jambo Pay to identify beneficiaries,” Mr Keter added.

Petroleum Principal Secretary Andrew Kamau, speaking during the Energy Parliamentary Committee meeting at English Point Marina in Mombasa, said the state plans to fast-track distribution of the 6kg cylinders to ensure low income households have alternative by the time of matching the prices of kerosene and diesel.

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The high duty on kerosene is targeted at the unscrupulous traders who adulterate the fuel with diesel. Mr Kamau said the high price of the cylinder is one of the hurdles hindering Kenyans from using gas and urged MPs to pass the Petroleum Bill.

“It is very expensive. However, there is anomaly in this business because the cylinder belongs to the oil company. We just pay deposits,” Mr Kamau said.

“We decided to buy some cylinders and reduce the deposit to 35 per cent price bringing the price of a of 6kg cylinder from Sh4,000 to Sh2,000.”