Teachers, doctors' strikes are extreme, says FKE

The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) has opposed the current spate of strikes terming them as extreme measures which are insensitive to the rule of law.

FKE executive director Jacqueline Mugo said teachers and doctors should honour court orders barring them from striking and avoid breakdown of law and order.

“They need to be realistic of the prevailing socio-economic environment and avoid taking extreme positions,” said Mrs Mugo Friday in a press briefing.

The current wave of strikes has led to loss of man-hours leaving behind idle resources while wasting students’ time even as patients remain unattended by the striking medics.


FKE appealed to teachers and doctors to borrow a leaf from the lecturers and pursue social dialogue with their employers adding that the doctors' strike is pegged on unjustified demands, and that the trainee doctors should honour the agreements they entered into with the government.

“The euphoria behind the space created by the new Constitution is being abused and the culture of professionalism is being replaced by a culture of impunity where people don’t honour agreements,” said Mrs Mugo.

The doctors and teachers termed the Cabinet’s directive to go to back to work or be sacked on Wednesday as blackmail.