Where you drink and watch sheep

The hilly Maseru city. PHOTO | COURTESY
The hilly Maseru city. PHOTO | COURTESY 

When the small aeroplane curls to land at Moshoeshoe Airport in Maseru, Lesotho, you wonder why South Africans make a big deal of the Table Mountain in Cape Town.

The airport is framed on one side by a long flat table mountain, not as flat as the Table Mountain but just as beautiful.

It’s only when you land you realise why the Table Mountain is all the rage: because of the Ocean, which Lesotho lacks because it’s tucked in the armpit of South Africa.

It had just rained and the mountains were as wet as the tarmac. In the taxi to the hotel, I asked the driver what he would highly recommend to a visitor to see in their country of roughly 2.1 million people.