Brush Tu artists exhibit at Polka Dot as a group

Exhibition at the Polka Art Gallery in Karen by artists from the Brush Tu Art studio. PHOTO | COURTESY
Exhibition at the Polka Art Gallery in Karen by artists from the Brush Tu Art studio. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Polka Art Gallery in Karen, Nairobi is holding the first group exhibition by artists from the Brush Tu Art studio.

The exhibition which runs until end of August showcases artworks ranging from Sh10,000 to Sh300,000.

The Brush Tu Art has young vibrant artists from Buruburu who came together to help each other grow their talents. 

Although they have been working as a group, each artists has been exhibiting their pieces individually.

‘’Each one of us has their own working spaces and art works but we work together to find a market for our different works,” said Michael Musyoka, the leader of the team.

The name Brush Tu, was derived from the artist’s tendency to opt for paint and brush as their preferred medium expression.

“However, this has never been an impediment to experimenting with different other medium to achieve greater creative exploits.

Their artworks include commissioned pieces for theatre backdrops, interior and outdoor deco for homes and offices.

Michael, is one of the founders of the Brush Tu art studio and it now has about 10 members. He grew up appreciating graffiti on matatus and walls in his neighbourhood before he joined the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts in 2009.

“I later on secured a job as an illustrator in publishing companies and advertising agencies in Nairobi,” he said.

Loncoln Mwangi who joined the group this year explores numerous themes particularly on conflict of oneself as well as birth, identity, death, choices, relationships and feelings of numbness and fear.

“I approach these themes through different medium like paintings drawings and video showing torture and struggle using the wet cloth over head in the water boarding and decaying in the figures like a self-survival thing, bringing a sense of uncertainty, like haunted,” he says.

Another artist who perceives the face as a window to the personality and mind exhibited pieces at the Polka Dot gallery which integrates people, culture, human activities and movement.

Culture and life

Elias Mung’ora, another painter draws pieces inspired by his life in the urban environment.

“My environment serves as an inspiration for my work, working with photographs and paint mediums, I observe and try to translate to the best of my ability the little bits that contribute to contemporary culture and general life in Nairobi,” he said.

The oldest artist in the group who serves as the mentor of the studio is 46-year-old B.N Kimani who left his 19 years teaching career to join Brush Tu.

He paints the beauty of planes and contours.