Book Review

Author nudges ‘dreamers’ to act for fulfilment

Jump by Steve Harvey. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG
Jump by Steve Harvey. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG 

Year of publication: 2017
Reviewer: Diana Ngila

Steve Harvey is no stranger to the screen or book shelf. From radio to television and now books, the writer of Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success; Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man; and Straight Talk, No Chaser adds to his body of work with Jump.

The son of a coal miner, Steve Harvey is not only funny, but thoughtful and inspirational. Jump, released in 2017 by Harper Collins Publishers is a book that will mist your eyes, whilst making you pause to reflect on your life’s journey.

Dedicated to his wife Marjory and seven children, Jump starts with an introduction inspired by the popular YouTube video by Steve Harvey shot at Family Feud Studios in Atlanta in 2016. “Jumping is taking a risk, a leap of faith toward your dreams,” Harvey writes. It is what you see in your imagination, what you constantly dream about, hope for. But how you achieve it, is by taking the jump.

The book is tied heavily to Steve’s experiences, both past and present, with intimate moments on public experiences and the impact of his faith and tenacity, to getting where he is today. 


Harvey constantly refers to William Ernst Henley’s Invictus, at the very beginning, using it to set the pace for the reading, like a type of mantra for the (wo)man on the ledge ready to take a leap of faith into the next phase of their life. He also cautions, one must be willing to not only hope, but also put in the work to pay your dues.

Dreaming is not enough.

The six chapters will jolt you into resting, but not quitting. He makes you think of the purpose behind what you experience, why, and how in hindsight all things work together for good.

Harvey writes like he speaks, or at least this reader heard his voice as she read his words, jokes included. He is a simple writer, with simple words and a simple story to tell told elegantly well in one word: jump.

A word that he charges with power for the reader to consider for getting to the next phase of the life they dream. He makes reference to scripture, as easily as he tells tales of living out of his car with nothing to his name.

Jump charts the growth pattern of Harvey’s entertainment career, pitfalls, including the very global Miss World incident where he announced the wrong name for winner, as well as what happened after that.

From his first stand up gig, to running a comedy club, getting noticed by television and film executives yet he had never acted a day in his life, to running a foundation that changes lives of young men in America and their single mothers, to his present day. 

Jump is practical, realistic and open in the approach shared by Harvey on how to live your best life now. The warmth of his persona radiates through this book, and will have you flipping through the pages at every available moment.

Harvey writes, “If you’re not willing to jump to get to the next level, you’ll end up settling for an unfulfilling life”. The book gives you the push to do just that.