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A Shop That Allows you to Play With Furniture

Paris Land store at Two Rivers Mall
Paris Land store at Two Rivers Mall where buyers can curate their bespoke dream home, based on the offerings at the store. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG 

Interior designers play with colours and style to make a home stand out.

But even if you cannot hire an interior designer, you can shop like one.

A new shop at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, has made it easier to mix and match furniture and home furnishings like an interior designer would.

You can pick a flamboyant furniture in clashing colours, maybe pink, then match it with a deep green love seat, throw in a handmade mosaic light to add colour to your house at no extra cost. Finding unique home accessories that are finely stitched can be hard. Most of the time, if you get a nice seat, you have to buy a whole set that is usually in one colour and design.

Paris Land shows people how to redecorate their homes differently. For most people who want something unique, accessories such as ceramics are always the easy way to experiment with colour.


However, Christine Mwai, the Paris Land store manager says they work closely with interior designers to help people personalise the items, translating them into a cool and a confident style.

‘‘For example, we can get the colour palette of the home, get them curtains and sofas shipped fr Turkey that works for them,” she says.

She says that the mix-and-match concept allows shoppers to get exactly what they want. They also print carpets and throw pillows to a customer's desire. The matching colours work best in homes with little spaces because they create contrasts and adds life to them.

“A client can decide on a particular picture or design that they want and we have that shipped from Turkey. The good thing is the carpets do not have fluff and are good for people with allergies,” says Ms Mwai.

In the pillow section, the store has filled up on unique and specific designs like a Marilyn Monroe pictures on them and Ms Mwai says that this can be done with any picture.

“Any design can be printed on the pillows and carpets. The colour can also be done as per the clients’ expectations,” she says.