A Comeback of feather on clothes

Feather neckline  in a summer collection from Fashlore fashion house. PHOTO | COURTESY
Feather neckline in a summer collection from Fashlore fashion house. PHOTO | COURTESY  

There was a time, decades ago, when women wore exotic feathers on their intricate outfits and hats. Then fashion changed. Feathers are now making a comeback in the fashion world.

Sanna Andani, co-director at Fashlore, a fashion house in Nairobi, is among those designing with feathers.

The fashion business started by mother and daughter hopes to bring into the market a blend of very dashing Kenyan and Indian materials and they are going bold and sexy.

“We want to bring out something like an Indukenya look,” said Rani Jamal, the co-director at Fashlore and mother to Sanna.

But for now they are into feather.


“Feathers are something that are really coming out to make a statement in the fashion world, and for our latest summer collection we thought of creating a look to fit the modern woman,” says Sanna.

Their clothes are rich in Indian and Pakistan colours with embroidery, gemstones and coloured feathers to bring out a robust combination of different ethnic elements.

The choice for some of their designs this year has been inspired by their many travels to fashion shows all over the world. What mainly stood out from international designers was the use of feathers to complement clothes.

Bold is not for everyone but Sanna says, their new collection will make even the shy person step out of her comfort zone and wear something she has never worn before. The collection will be festive, a combination of traditional and Western themes.

“We are seeing a lot of the European influence in the Indian fashion market. In the European fashion shows, you will see more silks, natural fabrics, linens and organic fabrics,” says Sanna, adding that the new collection comes with vintage accessories.

Rani says they also do make-up and hair styling for their customers. “This way, we take full responsibility of the final look of a person, which include make-up, how to dress your hair with different outfits, accessories among other things,” she says.

The mother-daughter run company was started in 1998 after they had their first fashion show to celebrate India’s independence in Kenya.

“We saw an opportunity in fashion. We started with my daughter who is a lawyer by profession,” says Rani, adding that when they started, most women did not appreciate fashion but now many have acquired a sense of style.