Ditch the Matte Face Products if You’re Over 30

Start hydrating your skin early and don’t use the same make-up products that you have been using since you were in your 20s. PHOTO | FILE
Start hydrating your skin early and don’t use the same make-up products that you have been using since you were in your 20s. PHOTO | FILE 

The ageless Terry Mungai, who has built a beauty empire and runs Ashleys Kenya, has an arsenal of skin-care products.

“But what I cannot do without is a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and then I apply the makeup,’’ she says while sharing her secrets to supple-looking skin.

A woman should start using anti-aging products from 25 years so as to slow down the process, she says.

“Don’t wait until you turn 40 for you to start panicking and rushing to use anti-aging products. By that time it may be too late.’’

The important thing is to know what base you are putting on your skin before putting on the foundation and powder. And always make sure to the skin is hydrated.

Women no longer use makeup to hide aging skin, says Nigerian-born Agbonmeire Joy Balogun or commonly known as Sunshine Balogun.

That’s because they have learnt how to take care of their skin early by doing facials, cleansing and moisturising, processes that rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

But a good facial regime does not necessarily mean you can use any type of makeup.

As the skin ages and loses its elasticity, change the makeup products. Don’t use what you were using, for example, when you were 20 years old.

“When I am working with older skin, I use beauty products with high moisture content. The skin has to be hydrated. For a woman in their 40s, I would advise them to use less mattifying makeup since the skin dries up as you grow old,” says Ms Balogun, an award-winning make-up artiste.

But if you love mattifying makeup or foundation, ensure you apply moisturiser as a base and a water-based primer. This helps keep the skin underneath hydrated.
“At that age, you are struggling with wrinkles and dry skin at the same time, to look youthful and glowing, you need to moisturise,” she says.

The eye area is usually one of the first places to be affected when skin starts to age and also around the mouth because of smiling a lot.

“My own personal routine as I have grown older has changed. I am 35-years-old and of course there is that fear of wrinkles, so what I do is apply my eye cream, to ensure that the eyes does not get affected when aging,” she says.

She adds: “Invest in primers that reduce wrinkles. I also use a moisturising mist that I spray on my face that makes sure my foundation and powder locks into my skin and look more natural as opposed to making my makeup looking super caked up,” the makeup artist says.