How to Wear Sneakers as Office Shoes


Sneakers. The flat rubber-sole sneakers have made a fashion comeback and they can easily refresh your look.

Gentlemen, are you daring enough to dress however you feel like in the new metrosexual corporate world?

Many organisations have relaxed the strict dress code, but it does not mean that you can show up for a client presentation with cargo-pants, a beach shirt and red Michael Jordan high-tops, even if you work as a creative.

The flat rubber-sole sneakers have made a fashion comeback and they can easily refresh your look. You can wear them with chinos, jeans, linen slacks, shorts or even suits.

So how should you wear them? One basic rule of thumb is that your ankles need to be slightly exposed. However, this is not mandatory.

Have your trouser length clipped a little or folded up. But make sure you oil your legs and if necessary have them waxed.

Benji Wambugu, a lead creative at an advertising agency in Nairobi says he has three pairs of sneakers, one for each decade he has existed.

Informal nature

He says he prefers them because they age well, they are comfortable and laid back, just like him.

They also align well with the informal nature of his job. He owns only one broken suit, a white jacket with black pants.

He quickly points out the suit says nothing about his metrosexuality or lack thereof because it was for a wedding.

On every other day, he wears the sneakers with chinos, jeans, T-shirts with a collared bomber jacket.

I asked him if he can wear sneakers with a monk strap feature and his facial expression said it all.

He prefers to glide under the radar as it helps him blend-in socially as well as stealthily sneak into the hearts of the fairer sex.

How would one pick out the right quality of the sneakers? It is simple. Choose the right quality of the outer material and the lining.

You will often wear them without socks or with inner socks. They come in waterproof fabric, super suede, Nubuck leather and calf skin. Leather and suede always look amazing.

Comfortable fabric

Go for fabric as it is more comfortable and forgiving but also requires tender care.

Don’t use harsh detergent that will affect the colour or print.

The most important thing to consider when selecting the colour and material is how much time you will wear them.

If they are white minimalist sneakers, be prepared to treat them like a princess and always check the weather before stepping out.

Depending on how much you spent, clean the sneakers yourself. High-end shoe brands like FEIT, Fendi and Santoni use specially treated natural leather.

Using cheap silicon based polish will lead to discolouration and premature ageing.