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Aerobics at the Beach

Boot camp at the Watatu Watano beach in Diani
Boot camp at the Watatu Watano beach in Diani (left), aqua fitness at the Mangro Hotel. Photos | Courtesy 

Aerobics and running are perfect workouts for the busy holiday season. Consider joining a gym as a guest or exercising solo or with family to avoid gaining the weight lost in the year.

At Watatu Watano beach in Diani, I met fitness enthusiasts sweating it out at the beach.
A beach workout session begins with warm-up exercises and stretches. Then participants do steps aerobics which are perfect for challenging the heart and lungs.

The trainer choreographs the stepping exercises from simple to complicated. Then they dance to R&B, Afro-modern and hip-hop tunes.

After a 30 minutes dance, they do planks, sit-ups, hand workouts and then Zumba. Occasionally, they would take a rest and do breathing exercises. After two hours of exercises, they do yoga to cool down.

Whether you are on vacation or live near the beach, these workouts are perfect for killing holiday monotony and helping you stay fit.


Gift Nzaka, the Beach Life fitness manager says he has incorporated beach exercises to break holiday monotony and provide tourists and Coast residents with fun ways to stay active.

Participants do beach boot camps, Zumba, yoga and R&B /hip-hop steppers in group classes or with a personal trainer.

He says dance makes one lose track of time easily and it is better than lifting weights or running on the treadmill in a gym during the holidays. One can also opt to do body-weight exercises at the beach or in the wilderness if you're travelling to Maasai Mara or Samburu.

“Outdoor exercises help someone burn more calories because the weather favours resistance. They also improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety,” Mr Nzaka says.

One is also unlikely to get injuries as the sand acts as a cushion.

Rather than spending time lounging on a chair during vacation, take a 30 minutes walk. The trainer who also runs an aqua fitness programme at Mangro Hotel in Diani recommends water fitness as a great way to burn calories and have fun.

“Exercising in the water is one of the most therapeutic activities. It increases flexibility, reduces blood pressure. It also boosts mobility and flexibility of joints. It is a cooling exercise and increases muscle strength posture and balance,” he says.