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We exercise as a family, cycling to playing tennis

Collins Boinett quarantine exercise
Collins Boinett quarantine exercise. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Family exercise does not have to feel like a hard, dull menial task.

BDLife spoke to Collins Boinett of Diesel Power Company on how he does it and integrates the extended family members in exercising to keep fit, ward off boredom and anxiety.


What kind of exercises are you engaging in as a family?

When gyms closed we invested in a treadmill, stationary bike, a bench, outdoor bikes, weights, and a small basketball pitch including table tennis equipment. With these, we cycle indoors especially when it rains.


But when the skies are clear, we play basketball, lift weights, and do tummy workouts. My family members don’t like running so my wife and daughters cycle, as I run.

We also do toning exercises. They call me their instructor. During weekends, we meet with the extended family, the men cycle as the ladies do aerobics.

How often do you exercise?

At least four times a week. But when I am under pressure, especially from work, I exercise six times a week.

Collins Boinnet gym

Collins Boinnet's family gym. PHOTO | COURTESY

Do you watch what you eat?

I limit the intake of wheat products. In the morning, I make a fruit smoothie, then at lunchtime, I religiously eat by 1 pm. I’m not very disciplined when it comes to dinner, but all my meals must have vegetables.

How does exercising help you mentally?

I’ve realised that if I don’t exercise, I feel lazy and procrastinate a lot. But when I exercise I multitask easily, which women are thought to be better at. Some people baby themselves while exercising but I believe in pushing myself to keep a steady mind and a good body.

I am a long-distance runner, this has helped me build endurance and learn to be consistent, which has trickled into how I run my business.

It has also helped me keep cool even when there's turbulence around me.