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Blue Door: A Bar That Matches the Hype

There is Beer Garden
There is Beer Garden where a band plays on Fridays. PHOTO | COURTESY 

The Blue Door. Nice name, ey? Before we get there, be warned, Nairobi’s Westlands is a mess, but Blue Door at Kenrail Towers is worth all that hassle.

The decor seems to borrow from a massive ocean liner, or a runaway train: steel, submarine-like windows, very high ceilings, sections that lead into more sections.

There is Beer Garden where a band plays on Fridays. It’s got simple classroom-like benches and tables. There is one massive seven-meter television screen and numerous smaller ones. This bar sells craft beers.

Further inside, is another bar. This is a sexy and smart bar that leads into a lounge area and which, if you take the staircase, it leads into a heavily leather-seated VIP/ Bottle service bar. This VIP section overlooks the bar and dance floor.

The wait staff strut about in cool uniforms; denim dungarees and newsboy hats.


The service is good. The food — especially their sliders — are delectable.

Blue Door is owned by Good Earth Group which owns Nyama Mama restaurant.

I loved the food, the ambience, the feeling of endless space, the attitude of the barman and the crowd; not young and also not nodding off over their drink. You should see the chefs in the open kitchen, in their Wakanda uniforms! They make you want to break an egg.