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A Burger Feast


The hamburger has been around for decades and its demand grew as need for mass-produced, affordable food eaten outside the home arose.

In Nairobi, the iconic sandwich has also become a favourite meal with restaurants such as Burger Hut in Westlands still serving it 20 years later.

Over the years, other restaurants have added burgers to their menus and international franchises such as Burger King, Roco Mamas, among others have set up shop in the city.

Restaurants have also developed more creative and flavourful burgers such as those layered with sushi and wagyu steak to keep up with changing tastes.

For those with an insatiable appetite for burgers, those with double meat patties, double cheese, bacon, and lots of other fillings which result in an insanely huge burger are a common find.


The burger trend in Nairobi has evolved over the years and events such as the annual Nairobi Burger Festival organised by EatOut Kenya have played a role.

This year, Nairobi Burger Festival will run for its third year, starting from July 27 to August 5 where diners will get the chance to indulge in burgers from over 100 restaurants. While some restaurants have created special tailor-made menus for the 10 days, others will serve from their normal menu but two burgers for the price of one.

Among the participating restaurants is Pan Asian Yao, located along UN Avenue, Gigiri.

For burger festival, they have introduced creatively crafted burgers such as the wasabi, chicken and turkey burger, chilli garlic beef burger, Korean bulgogi beef burger and the miso tofu and sushi rice cake burger-a surprisingly delicious vegetarian burger.

Pan Asian Yao’s vegetarian burger is a combination of sushi rice cake in place of a bread bun, and miso tofu for the patty and topped with fried spinach.

To make the pan-fried sushi rice cake which is sticky, they add light soy sauce, coriander and spring onions and raw egg and freeze it up to enable it to stick together like a cake.

For the pan seared miso tofu patty, they marinate tofu slices in a peanut and miso sauce, transforming the vegetarian burger into a flavour packed treat which would also be enjoyed by non-vegetarians.