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A New Charlie’s Bistro


The space at Kasuku Centre in Nairobi’s Kileleshwa that overlooks the roundabout is the deathbed of restaurants. Nothing seems to thrive there. I remember the last casualty, Crossroads, struggling there for a while and then dying in dust. I wonder what kills the spirits of these places there. Maybe it’s the post office box next to it sucking all their oxygen to live in the new modern age. Because really, the space is gorgeous.

Now Charlie’s Bistro is there; spanking new and full of hope. The post office box must stare at it with a knowing grin. But we are all rooting for Charlie’s because it’s a wonderful space even with its fake grass. There is a vibe about it that gives Kasuku Center life.

You can have dinner there and hang around for drinks. They are known for their cocktails. The music isn’t loud enough to shout over it. It remains well aerated even if it’s hot.

Service is fast. Try out their chicken wings if you swing by, goes down well with one of their cocktails. I was there recently, I had two drinks as I waited for traffic to die. Saving grace is that their drinks are not overpriced, which is only fair because otherwise we would demand real grass.

I liked the fact that now you don’t have to go to the Central Business District to a Charlie’s Bistro for those who might not work in town or find it a bit hectic.