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Dishes That're Easy to Love


There are foods that you eat and somewhat forget the taste but not how the meal made you feel. As more restaurants open in Kenya and chefs redefine dining, there are places you want to grab a snack every so often. However, a well-balanced combination of excellent service, relaxing ambiance makes the food even more captivating. These are some of the dishes that grabbed my attention from juicy burgers to Vietnamese pho last year.

Burgers at Rocomamas

Burgers rarely become a bore, especially if you try different patties. At Rocomamas in Nairobi's Village Market, they serve juicy burgers with lots of flavour. There are those made from chicken, beef and vegetarian if you're off meat this January. The bacon, cheese and guacamole burger is a must-try. All the flavours marry perfectly and the pattie is tender. The spicy buffalo wings with a blue cheese dipping sauce packed the right amount of heat and the chilli-sweet flavour is unforgettable.

Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs at Big Square

It’s been a big year for Big Square as it expands countrywide. I tried their succulent pork ribs at Big Square Nyali and they are worth travelling for. They are finger-licking and the portions are satisfying. As the ribs are served, you can see a lot of love went into making them ready.


Palak Paneer at The Mayura

My love for Indian cuisine was rekindled at this restaurant. They have two convenient locations at The Hub, Karen and Kenrail Towers, Westlands and opened a new express branch at the SGR Station at the Nairobi Terminus. Their creative dishes are a fusion of traditional Indian dishes and modern contemporary meals. From their creamy Palak Paneer, the rich butter chicken, to their mutton chops and kebabs, their dishes are satisfy craving for Indian dishes.

Carrot Cake at The View

Having dinner at a revolving restaurant, taking in the view of Westlands, the sparkling lights in the distance as the night-life comes alive, combined with intricate Swiss delights is definitely a unique experience. Their gluten-free Swiss carrot cake, a soft, velvety dessert is a must-try. Combined with a hot cup of coffee, it is a rewarding treat.

Vietnamese cuisines in City

It is not every day that you get to try out new cuisines and last year I got the chance to indulge in Vietnamese baguettes at Nothing Like it Salon and Spa, a modest coffee shop in Nairobi's Karen. Other Vietnamese dishes worth a try are Pho Soup, (available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options), and those deliciously light and translucent Vietnamese Rolls. Worth noting is that Vietnamese food is super healthy as there’s no dairy, hardly any oil and it has a lot of fresh herbs.

Pork Ribs at Park Inn by Radisson

The inviting aroma of smoked pork ribs, the sizzling sound as they were brought to the table, the mouth-watering glisten against the warm light, this is how the rack of smoked barbecue pork ribs arrived on my table. The ribs come glazed with a finger-licking, sweet and sour sauce.

Efforts to find out the ingredients of the sauce did not bear fruit as Chef Charles Gathomo insisted on guarding his secret recipe. If you are a ribs lover, these are a must-have.