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Drinking whisky at online meetups

Coronavirus may have disrupted work environments and social spaces.
Coronavirus may have disrupted work environments and social spaces. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Coronavirus may have disrupted work environments and social spaces. It may also have redefined the rules of human interaction in bars but it has not entirely stopped the enjoyment of having whisky together.

For whisky lovers, virtual happy hours are now the norm. As the tide of uncertainty sweeps across the world, Scottish whisky maker Glenmorangie has innovated ways to keep their consumers engaged.

Glenmorangie has been hosting online whisky events, including cocktail recipes, tasting sessions, and lessons on food and whisky pairing on live Instagram and Zoom.

During these unusual interactions, participants quaff, learn, and laugh the night away, without leaving their living rooms. They also get the unusual opportunity to talk directly to some of the top representatives of the 177-year-old beverage maker.

“Weekends aren’t what we know them anymore. It's a nightmare,” Brendan McCarron, who heads maturing whisky stocks at Glenmorangie said in an online meet-up. Antoinne Bbagaya, Glenmorangie East Africa ambassador said the whisky maker wanted to create a platform where whisky lovers could enjoy their drink despite the restricted movement.


“It's an avenue to learn more about our different categories of single malt Scotch whisky. We wanted to demonstrate that there's no restriction on how people can enjoy their drink,” he said.

In one of the sessions, Antoinne took participants through a lesson on how to prepare a Glenmorangie cocktail with ginger and lemon in a virtual kitchen.

In a separate session, participants learnt ways to match whisky and food –for fascinating virtual house parties.

Started in the Scottish Highlands in 1843, Glenmorangie is known for its range of oak wood-finished Glenmorangie single malt scotch whiskies.

Wine palates have not been left behind either. Californian winemaker Chateau Montelena has been hosting virtual wine tasting parties for fans.

Such episodes have been a journey of discovery for both manufacturers and consumers. For brands, it is a way to keep conversations about their products going. For consumers, it is a chance to learn.