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Joy of Drinking Alone at La Mesa a Pub


At some point everybody was talking about the rotating restaurant at Movenpick in Nairobi’s Westlands. Which meant that nobody really paid much heed to La Mesa restaurant and bar on the 15th and 16th floor of the same hotel. This can’t be a bad thing, in case you are wondering. Aesthetically, La Mesa is a place to have an obtrusive drink. It being on the 15th floor which means that you get to enjoy a view. The decor is polished wood, parquet floors and colourful cushions.

There is homemade sangria and the frozen margarita. You can have a Bloody Mary or just still to your usual scotch. Wines by the bottle are affordable.

Food is tapas inspired by traditional and contemporary food sharing plates.

Last time I was there, there were not too many people and I sat where I could see the city-lights. I was waiting for someone and he was running late like only Kenyans can be but I remember not being overly agitated by the wait. Because the music was soft and the view drew me to a different side of Nairobi that surprises each time you see it from a different angle. I wished he didn't come. I wished he called and said something had come up and he wouldn’t make it. I would have been perfectly fine sitting there alone, with my drink and my view. La Mesa allows you to be alone even when it’s buzzing with activity.