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Tuna, salad and plenty of organic dishes

Sizzling kienyeji chicken with wholemeal chapati
Sizzling kienyeji chicken with wholemeal chapati. PHOTO | COURTESY 

A tuna salad, the largest portion of salad serving that I have ever eaten, was placed before me. It had purple cabbage, carrots, zucchini, avocado, beetroot, sweet corn, red onions, all raw and cold tuna made with leek and onions.

The salad dressing was naturally made with mango and avocado, blending perfectly with the veggies.

My main meal was sizzling kienyeji chicken served with brown wholemeal chapati, spinach and fresh vegetables.

I loved that the chicken retained its original flavours, it was tender and flavourful.

I am at this restaurant that serve indigenous food, organically grown and cooked without artificial spices.


“Our meat is also sourced from organic farmers and we don’t serve red meat,” says Anne Mbugua, the founder of Bridges Organic Restaurant.

Bridges Organic Restaurant was set up in 2006 after the founder, Ann discovered diabetes had claimed lives of a number of her relatives. This sparked a lifestyle change by eating clean.

Tuna Salad


She has since expanded to two locations in the Central Business District.

Ann studied law, so did her husband. The started restaurant to provide healthy, organic meals to diners and they also ventured into selling organic farm produce sourced by farmers to push their passion for healthy eating to the homes of their customers.

They also have an in-house nutritionist who advises diners on healthy eating, working out and fitness, chronic illness management among others.

“We don’t deep fry anything here. All our dishes are either baked, pan-fried or consumed raw. All our ingredients are sourced from certified organic farmers who are certified by the Kenya Institute of Organic Farmers. The farms we source from are in various regions across the country such as Kiambu, Nyandarua, Naivasha Nakuru and other locations,” says Ann.

Their menu shows the amount of calories per dish, a great way to ensure one is eating enough nutrients.

Healthy juices with ingredients such as beetroot, ginger, garlic, kale and spinach are also available. The menu has from brown rice, pumpkin, green bananas, githeri, fish, free-range chicken, moringa powder to flax seeds.

“We also offer meal plans because we want to impact the society as a whole, one plate at a time,” says Ann.