Show off your bathroom plants

Snake plant in a bathroom in Mombasa (left) and golden pothos (right). PHOTOS | COURTESY
Snake plant in a bathroom in Mombasa (left) and golden pothos (right). PHOTOS | COURTESY 

While houseplants have always graced living rooms and the hallways, some people display architectural or showy flowers in their bathrooms.

The bathroom is the one spot in the home where we find joy in private moments.

Having live plants in the bathroom not only adds to the interior décor, but is also a mood elevator and air purifier.

We pollute our bathrooms with fumes from soaps, and to have clean air, put small to big flowery plants in a corner near the bath tub, above the toilet cistern or window sill.

“A little greenery helps spice up the décor and purify the air. The kind of plants picked for the bathroom is vital as it will determine their survival rate,” said Pius Mwambingu, a landscape architect at Landtek Studios in Nairobi.

Here are some plants that can thrive in a bathroom, even with limited light and little care.

Air plants

These are the easiest plants to grow. They do not need soil to thrive and survive by attaching themselves on other plants.

They make beautiful additions to the bathroom if they are hanged at some corner or when sat in an orb.

Snake Plant

This plant can survive in low-light environment and does not require much watering.
The snake plant, also known as “Mother-in-Law’s tongue” makes a wonderful choice for a corner plant.

“Most people prefer it at the corner of the room where it acts as the focal point of view,” said Mutethia Benard, a flower dealer along Ngong Road.

Its lush ever-green foliage, which in some species comes with yellow edges, has great appeal to the eye. To add to the aesthetics of the bathroom, the snake plant can be placed in a hand-woven basket next to the sink. If the plant is too large, place it on the floor.


These ornamental plants that are mostly preferred for indoor settings thrive in cool surroundings. They make a perfect choice for windowless bathrooms since they prefer fluorescent or full artificial light to natural light.

Showy plants by nature, the Begonias love lots of humidity. Their fleshy semi semi-succulent leaves come in different shapes, sizes, and shades.

Golden Pothos

It is an almost impossible to kill this plant, explaining why it is branded the names “devils wine” and “devils ivy”. While this plant does not care for overwatering.

It comes in a variety of leaf sizes, foliage colours and vegetation types making it a great choice for a hanging plant in the bathroom.

Better still, it can be trained to climb trellis and over time give an eye-catchy green wall in the bathroom.

Lucky bamboo

It can grow in almost any light level and with no soil. For it to thrive, all one needs is to place it in a container full of water so it stays hydrated and few pebbles or marbles.

This water can be changed weekly to prevent bold. Given that the lucky bamboo grows so fast, trim it to keep it in size or place it at a spot in the bathroom where its growth will be hampered.

Spider plant

As long as it is placed in a fairly well lit room, it will continually sprout new buds which you can repot and give away as gifts.