Man about town

Hectic work, life schedule leads Josphat to a ‘shrink’


I have been doing some homework and it has proved too hard. So last week I met a lifestyle coach and I must say that it was interesting.

I had misgivings when Shiro gave me contacts of two coaches — Joyce and Wesley. “Meet both of them and decide whom you like better,” she said.

Naturally, I decided to go with the lady first and so I called Joyce. She sounded pleasant on the phone and asked that we meet at Java, in Nairobi’s central business district, at 7am.

I was taken aback by her selection of venue and time. Thankfully, since there was low traffic I managed to get to the venue in good time.

“Nice to meet you Josphat, I identified you by your WhatsApp profile photo,” Joyce said when we linked up.

She soon got down to business and asked: “So what is the problem you are trying to fix?” I was rather cagey and said: “I really have no problem but my wife says that talking to you might help me sort out some of my career and personal issues.”

I don’t know how she did it, but somehow I found myself telling her about my entire life, how I grew up, my career, my family and other things. She paid attention and took copious notes. At the end of the session she gave me her diagnosis.

“You are conflicted about who you are and what you want out of your life. We need to fix that,” she finally said. As hard as this was to swallow, I could not help thinking that Joyce had some truth in her statements.

We ended our session with some homework where she asked me to sketch some drawings and revalidate some assumptions about myself.

I though it would be easy but one week later I am yet to complete the homework and this is driving me insane since we are scheduled to meet next week. When I asked about costs she said: “Let us see how committed you are to doing the work and then we take it from there.”

So I need to get serious and complete my homework. Things have also been hectic in the office and I have already started working late. I was surprised when the CEO invited me to his office and said, “Josphat, what is the status of the end-year financial reporting?” I have not been paying much attention to financial reporting ever since HR told me that the assistant finance manager would be working on reports while I focus on business development.

“I have been providing oversight but the main responsibility now rests with Ben, the Assistant Finance Manager,” I said.

“I really do not trust his proficiency, I need you to sit with him and ensure that everything is in order,” the CEO said.

I was not pleased with the move since it added more drama and confusion to my role.

As I left the office I wondered how I was going to discuss this with Joyce and ask her how to manage the numerous work and life demands.

As soon as I got to my desk I checked my phone and saw 10 missed calls from Shiro. I was taken aback because she was on duty in South Africa. “What is going on? Is everything okay?” I asked.

“You need to go to Maingi’s school now, he is nose-bleeding profusely,” she said breathlessly. I wondered why the school nurse was not dealing with the matter. “Let me get to the school now,” I told her.

I kept wondering how I would juggle all my responsibilities. Joyce had better help, I thought.