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My life coach keeps me awake on loan signature


Amisi, my life coach, has become annoying. He keeps calling me despite the fact that I told him that I could not guarantee his loan. I thought we were done with the issue, but he kept calling me.

I ignored his calls mainly because I was busy and felt the matter had been closed. On the third day of the incessant calls, I decided to talk to him to find out what he wanted.

He started off with a mild laugh, “Josphat, my guy, seems you have an issue with your math.” I was taken aback and asked: “What are you talking about?” He went on to tell me: “ I have some pals in your sacco back office who did some checks to see which of my clients can help guarantee a loan.”

It was quite disturbing to hear about that privacy violation and to hear the casual manner in which Amisi was treating the matter.

I had to stop him fast and put him in his place. I told him it was “wrong that you went behind my back and sought to access my confidential information.”


Amisi tried to defend himself and said: My guy! Things are really thick; I had to resort to desperate measures.”

I told him off: “There is no excuse for your behaviour. Let us not have any more conversations on this matter,’’ and I hang up. I was feeling livid for quite some time after that.

My thoughts on Amisi were interrupted by a call from the boss telling me to join a session.

We have some visitors from the head office and so they have been sitting with the local bosses discussing our plans for the year.

On Monday, the boss had told me there was no need to attend these sessions. So, I was a bit disappointed by this statement, especially because I had worked on the presentations.

My boss had done nothing but then again maybe this is how things operate here.

So, without much preparation, I found myself in the session with the boys from head office. As soon as I walked in, I figured out who was the reason for my being there.

Tito and Walter, the visitors with whom we painted the town red on their last visit were in the room. They did not let anything show during introductions as they behaved as if they were meeting me for the first time.

The session was no joke. The visitors kept punching holes in our assumptions and arguments. At the end of the session, the leader said he liked some of the ideas the team is sharing, “however, I feel like you still need to be more aggressive and stretch your targets.”

I was shocked that they came to that conclusion after we had shared the various issues we are facing and why we need a “cautiously conservative target that recognises the issues of the day.”

I expected members of our leadership team to put up a fight but instead they stayed quiet with my boss saying, “We shall rework the numbers with your feedback and revert.”

When we got back to our office, I had to ask the boss: “ Why did you agree to change the numbers?” He laughed, saying “Young man, I have been in this business long enough to know the drill.”

These hotshots will come breathing fire, making crazy demands. They do not know that vitu kwa ground ni different.

He said: “So, you just agree to what they say and then wait for year end of the real results to speak.”

I was not sure what to make of this approach. A few minutes later, two messages came on my phone. One was from Amisi asking me when we are resuming coaching sessions.

The second was from Tito from the visiting team, “Dude, drinks tonight?” Not sure how to respond to this.