Man about town

Peter’s affair lands Josphat in a dilemma


I am still looking for an opportunity to talk to Peter about his relationship with Christabel since we did not get a chance to chat about it last week during our drink up. To be honest, even a blind man can see that those two are having an affair.

As the drinks flowed on Friday, they got a bit more carefree in letting their hands wander and I could not help but notice that Christabel kept making reference to excursions and trips they have made together. She even talked about a trip they have made to Peter’s village. Clearly things are more serious than I even imagined.

My observations were confirmed when at the end of the drink up which was close to midnight, Peter called me to the side and said, ”My guy I need you to cover for me.”

I asked him, “What are you talking about?” He gave me a cheeky wink and said: "As you can see, I have some business to talk care of so I cannot go home just yet. So, if my wife calls just say you are with me and I have blacked out.”

Something inside me told me that Peter has experience in pulling these kinds of moves. The way he posed that question, I figured that he was not giving me much of a choice and so I mumbled, “okay”. I also figured out that Peter would get way home early enough and the wife would not have to call me.


The following day being Saturday was quite busy for me. Even if Shiro is away she has been managing and monitoring the kids’ progress in and outside school. So, on Saturdays I take my son for football and my daughter for ballet. I was not feeling happy about doing the drop-off because I was nursing a rather nasty hangover.

So as soon as they finished their activities I dashed home to catch a much needed nap.

I was woken up by the sound of a knock on my door -- it turned out to be the nanny. She said,”Baba Maingi, uko na mgeni.” This jolted me awake as I thought one of my relatives had popped in unannounced from the village. I asked her, “Who is it?” The nanny said, ”I do not recall her name but I know she has been here before.”

This sounded harmless enough, so I put on a T-shirt and shorts and headed to the sitting room.

My heart nearly stopped when I realised that my visitor was Lydia, Peter’s wife and from the look of things she did not look too pleased. I had to think fast as she asked me, ”Josphat, where is Peter? I thought you were with him, he did not come home last night.“

Of course I could throw my pal under the bus and say I did not know where he was – but that would be going against the boys code. So I decided to come up with some fast reason to satisfy Lydia. I told her, “ He got a bit too high last night so I drove here. In the morning he came with me to the football game with the kids, he told me he would run a few errands before coming home.”

I could not believe I was telling such a lie with a straight face. Lydia said, “How come he is not answering his phone! He must be up to some mischief. I have noticed that of late, he has been acting very strange.”

I told her: “Maybe he is napping at home, and I am willing to bet that you will find him at home.”

To manage Lydia, I offered to get her some tea from the kitchen- mainly as my way of having time alone to check where Peter was. Peter did not answer his phone, so I called Christabel, who promptly answered her phone and confirmed she was with Peter. I told her to put Peter on the line.

I told him, ”Listen mate! You need to get home as soon as possible.” I quickly told her what had transpired, the tale that I had told Lydia.

When I came back to the sitting room, Lydia looked a bit more relaxed but my heart was beating fast. I need to have a man-to-man chat with Peter.