Man about town

Shiro not too pleased about my new ‘helper’


Things are looking up in the office, mainly because we recruited a new business development manager. At the start of the year, the HR manager came to my desk and said: “ I have some good news for you!” I jokingly said: “Are you giving me a pay rise?”

She said: “No, but I am giving you a helper.”

She then told me about this new guy who would be joining the company as the new business development manager meaning I culd now focus just on the finance manager role.”

I was a bit sceptical so I asked: “ Has he signed on the dotted line? When does he start?”

The HR Manager laughed and said: “ What makes you think that it will be a he? The new business development manager is a lady—her name is Lucy.

“I tried to hide my interest though I was quite curious about Lucy. As soon as the HR manager walked out, I logged into my LinkedIn profile. Based on her LinkedIn Profile, Lucy is a star with some serious credentials and work experience behind her. I could not help but wonder why she would choose to work for a rather midsized company like ours.

Come Monday, the HR Manager came to my desk with Lucy in tow. I could not help but stare at Lucy-—she looked way younger and more beautiful than in her Linked In profile. She greeted me as if we were old friends saying, “ Josphat, I have heard so much about you.”

Thismade me curious and I said: “who from? I hope nothing but good things.”

She said: “But of course, the HR Manager told me you are the king of double hatting.”

I have spent the last two weeks inducting Lucy and handing over to her. I must say she has some good ideas and I think she will do very well in her new role. I have noticed that she is very friendly with the CEO. She chuckled the other day and told me: “ The CEO is like family to me- his wife is my cousin. He is the one who recommended that I come over and shake a few things up around here.”

This confession changes the dynamic for once again I feel like I am working with the boss’s spy.

Despite my misgivings, I must say that I have come to enjoy having Lucy around. My workload has eased somewhat and as a result I have been getting home earlier. Over the last week, I have managed to get home in time to help the children with homework for a change. Shiro noticed the change and asked me: “ Babes, what has changed in the office?”

I told her: “ Well you know the company has been looking for a business development manager- they finally got one and she is amazing.”

The mention of a she definitely got her attention and she asked:Who is this she lady?”

I found myself telling her about Lucy and her skills to which Shiro responded by saying: “Be careful she does not take your job.”

Imagine my shock when a few days later Shiro told me: “ Josphat, you need to careful about Lucy.”

I was stunned by this and said: “Why? What do you know?”

It turns out that Shiro has done some research on Lucy and according to her, Lucy is notorious for “ backstabbing and for playing politics.”

I was not going to get caught up in such gossip so I told Shiro: “You are just being jealous. Lucy is the best.”

Shiros said: “Just wait and see.”

The next day as I chatted with Lucy I could not help but wonder if Shiro was right or just being paranoid. Hope time proves me wrong.