Man about town

Should I tell Gacheri about her married con man fiancé?


I received a call from Gacheri the other day. We do not talk as much as we used to because I realised that she was getting a bit too intense for me. Since she discovered that Shiro is out of the country, Gacheri had taken to calling me and asking that we ‘hang out for drinks and fun times’.

To be honest, I was enjoying the going out, but sadly my wallet was not liking the excursions. I discovered that young ladies these days have livers made of steel. Every time we would go out, Gacheri would insist on having some whisky and then chasing it down with some shots. She was also not content with staying in one place, insisting that we try out the ‘new and happening joints.’

Each outing would set me back not less than Sh10,000 and after a while I realised that I need to reduce the outings. To let her down gently I told her that I have to reduce my outings since I “need to spend more time with the kids.” She gave me a big hug and said; “you are so sweet, when I get a hubby I want someone like you.”

I suggested that we meet over lunch in a local restaurant, which has what I consider to be an affordable menu. I was very happy to see her especially because she looked so good. I was clearly the envy of many men. She made some attempt asking me how the children were doing. After our meal, she suddenly become serious saying; “I have some big news for you.” My heart stopped for a moment thinking ‘I hope she is not pregnant’. She gave a big smile and told me, “ I am getting married.” Now this was really big news. My mind was on overdrive; “how could she be getting married? She and I were having a thing. Was she cheating on me?” I decided not to voice my thoughts and faked my joy and said, “Congrats! Who is the lucky guy?”

She chuckled like a shy bride and said, “that is why I wanted to meet you. We really want you to be a part of our wedding and so I want us to meet.” I had many questions running in my head since I was on jealous mode, but I could not get a word in as Gacheri talked endlessly about her boo. Anyway, at the end our date, I agreed to meet up with Gacheri and her fiancé at a nyama joint the following weekend.


Gacheri showed up first and we had about an hour together before her fiancé came. In that hour, she had two drinks and started regaling me with stories of days gone by when she and I used to really hang out. Maybe it was the drinks but I found myself getting a bit mushy as I told her that I was very jealous about her guy.

So imagine my shock when her fiancé came in almost two hours later. He did not even apologise as he kissed her and touched her. I almost choked on my drink as I realised that Gacheri’s fiancé is well known to me. His name is Charlie and he once conned me of some money under the promise of hooking me up with a tender. I had to ask him; “you seem familiar, I think we have met.” He shook his head. “I do not think so, though I have that kind of ordinary face.” He seemed to dismiss me as he kept talking about his plans for Gacheri and their family. At some point my doubts disappeared.

The next day, I decided to look through the paperwork that this Charlie guy had given me when we were considering the deal. There was no denying , Gacheri’s fiancé is Charlie the con and he is also married-he had listed his wife as one of his company’s directors. Now, how do I tell Gacheri? Should I tell her? Will she even believe me?