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Five ways to become a better employee in 2016


Think about what you can do differently to jump-start your day and keep you motivated until the evening. PHOTO | FILE

You probably had a rough 2015 and are hoping that 2016 will be a different year.  Well, if part of your resolutions is to become the best employee and advance your career, then I have a few pointers to start you off.

Whether it is in a new job or you just want to change for the better in your current one, here is how you can become the best employee.

1. Have a great likable personality

If you have always been a nasty or dull person at your job or even in social gatherings, you will want to drop that type of personality.

The type of person you are plays a great role when it comes to evaluation for a promotion or layoffs. Employers want to relate with people who can play well in a team and if your personality does not fit well, then you become the outcast among your work force.

2. Have a to-do list for getting things done

When you have a well laid out list of what you will be doing all day from morning to evening, then you are able to see results.

Waking up in the morning without a clue on where to start will only give you a haphazard day and you will end up accomplishing very little. A to-do list also ensures that you prioritise on what is more important, making sure everything falls into play.

One thing you must not do is try to multitask. Doing everything at the same time will only cause you more problems than results. If you already work on a to-do list, make a better one because the one you have clearly is not working.

3. Stop being too busy all the time

Most people tend to bask in the words “I’m busy” whenever they are asked to help or asked to take up more responsibilities. Most times this is not even true.

Take a few minutes of your day and outline what your typical day at work is like…what you have to do? If you think about it, when you manage your time more effectively (with your to-do list), you have more time to prove to your boss you can take up more roles.

So leave these busy excuses in 2015 and focus more on seeing results of your work.

4.Stop complaining and start offering solutions

Every employee has something to complain about their job or boss. If you don’t, then you have either found your purpose in life or are just not bothered by what comes next.

For you having something to complain about, 2016 should be the time you start airing your grievances in form of solutions.

Translation; don’t just say that your boss is being inconsiderate or is giving you too much work and no raise, instead, focus on bringing change.

Walk up to your boss and offer solutions of how you’d like to go forth. It’s a new year, and if you start it with stress, you’ll be the worst version of yourself by the end of January.

5. Change your evening and morning routine

What you do before going to sleep and what you do when you wake up is a great determinant of what your day is going to be like.

This then means that it will affect who you are as an employee.

If you have a problem waking up, then you will probably have a very lazy day.

Think about what you can do differently to jump-start your day and keep you motivated until the evening. Maybe going to bed early or reading a book before going to bed and waking up early to exercise or watch something motivational.

Having a routine that keeps you energetic will help a great deal in your work performance, making you one of the best employees.

To become the best employee, focus on meeting your deadlines, observing work ethic (don’t go in with a hangover), sharing your ideas with the team and understanding the needs of your boss and company.

Wainaina is the Managing Partner & Head of Recruitment at Corporate Staffing Services Ltd. Email. [email protected]