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Harnessing positive energy for success

Giving ignites being given by the law of causation. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Attraction is a cardinal universal law. When we give, we attract gain. We are all spiritual brings. This is the cord that binds us as humans. Spirit is always for greater expansion and fuller expression - never for disintegration. It is for this reason that we all seek to do, have and become more. When we honestly seek to be of service to others, we satisfy their need for increase and fuller expression of their spirits in one way or another. It must be clear to all who interact with us that we take pride in doing this - giving... and we have got to innately understand that our giving results in our being given.

An integral aspect of giving is that we embrace it as a way of life. It must be spontaneous. If you find yourself debating on whether or not to give, it means you have not properly understood the law of attraction. You are considering what is in it for you before you give. You’re also considering how much to give. That is not how it works.

Don’t expect your giving to return to you through the same person in the same way - that is called trading which is distinctly different from giving. And that makes it trading as opposed to giving. Trading is the tendency most people mistakenly refer to as giving. You wouldn't argue that selflessness is the same as selfishness, would you now? When truly giving, the "What's- In- It-For- Me" does not even begin to come into play. Your being given will not necessarily come directly from the entity that you give.

You see genuine giving is meant to be a free flowing action - an extension of yourself to benefit someone other than you... you give to the universe without the expectation of reward, the universe organizes itself to send abundant reward. The law of causation can be stated in many different ways; action and reaction are equal and opposite, energy always returns to its source of origination, what goes around comes around and so on. Giving ignites being given by the law of causation. It attracts being given by the law of attraction. You stand to gain either way.

Contrary to popular belief, the universe is deductive in nature. It doesn't have the ability to sift the good from the bad. It simply receives and reacts by sending like energy to the energy we send out back to us. With this awareness, let us set out on our giving journeys. Let us do so patiently bearing in mind the universal law of gestation - we will be given when we have consistently given over a universally predetermined period for our giving to birth reward for us i.e when the universe is good and ready, not when we think we should be given. We have got to appreciate however hard we may attempt it, we do not have the ability to determine how long things take to manifest. This means that we should give as a standard; of our time, our knowledge, experience, time, etc., whatever the need may be. This way, we rid ourselves of frustration when the breakthroughs don't happen for us overnight.


This way, we instead demonstrate our value over time and focus on sending out an abundance of positive energy and in time attract the same.