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Progress in life is assured for the proactive

A man in deep thought.
A man in deep thought. He has something important in his mind. PHOTO | DENNIS OKEYO  

Passed up yet again on another promotion opportunity? As an internal candidate for the job, you would think that you have a better chance because you're already a part of the system, right? You expect to ace that interview only to receive a regret letter en suite with a list of reasons why you don't quite fit the bill … yet.

The problem is that you set yourself up for failure well before the position fell vacant.

How about putting yourself in good stead to be handpicked for positions that you want before they even fall vacant. “But there aren’t any positions open right now”. Yes, I realise that. Keep reading. When you stay within your current role, you leave your employer in control of who fills a post when it falls vacant. Your employer inevitably exercises that control by not picking you and you end up disappointed. Let’s play this differently. How about you take control of the decision on who fills the post you want when it becomes vacant. If you’re smart and I believe you are, you can use this to create a whole new position altogether for yourself.

You want to create a template for success that makes you the obvious choice. Better yet, you want to work, conduct yourself and relate in a manner that creates the need for the position that you want. This little tip can nullify the need for you to make internal position applications.

Here's the approach that you want to go with:


DEVELOP SELF-AWARENESS — a high appreciation of the laws that govern success and how you create (or do not) your current personal, professional and social circumstances.

DEVELOPMENT SELF-WORTH — what is your value as a person and professional? Is this value crystal clear to everyone who encounters you? What is the direction that you want this value to go?

CLEARLY UNDERSTAND YOUR THOUGHT PATTERNS — what thoughts do you entertain? These are the thoughts that shape your successes and failures … and we see them through your actions and lack of these.

GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND AND CREATE A NEW MINDSET — a new and improved one from what it is now. Understand that unhelpful paradigms kill our creativity and starve innovation to death. Ensure that your mind is free to create new ideas, situations, and income streams that will draw you closer to your goals.

Know that you already have the ability to develop the rare ability to read the meaning of situations; translate your current environment and create the ultimate desired environment from within yourself. Yes, you have the power to do this. You'd be wise to do so, rather than wait to be reactive in various situations.

Project the image of the person and professional that you desire to be seen and treated as. Others respond or react to you. You want to attract responses rather than reactions. Are you projecting the image that elicits responses or reactions? Errr no, this is not simply about the suit you wear to work.

UNDERSTAND ‘SELFULNESS’:- Think of how much more you want for yourself. Now extrapolate that a thousand times. This is popularly known as selfishness. I prefer the word "selfulness". It is inherent in every single human being. Embrace it and feed it. In turn, it will feed yours.

AUTHENTICITY: Are you worthy of trust? Is your word your bond? Is this consistent no matter who you deal with? Are you a credible individual?

EXPAND YOUR MIND: Develop an open and accepting mind to divergent ways of thinking, feeling, doing, having, and being. Your way is not the only way. You guessed it; this requires getting over yourself in more ways than one. All you need is to remember that nothing great has ever been achieved by one single person. You need others … and their divergent views and ways.

When you do all this, you emerge as a model individual, professional, and leader irrespective of your title. The kind that everybody wants on their side. The kind that others rally around out of choice. The kind that can command unprecedented favours, perks and levels of remuneration.

As an ambitious professional, go ahead give this template some personality. Start to think, feel and act out every aspect of it! This is Project ……(insert your full name here).

Now wait with grace for exciting opportunities to start knocking on your door.