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Try life coaching to hit your potential


Enlisting the help of an accountability partner ensures you eat, drink and live in alignment with the success principles that rein you in should you intentionally or unintentionally veer off course. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Coaching is not a reform measure for errant employees or failures in life. It is a process that has existed since time immemorial... and yes, we all need it. Of course you are part of the "all" who need it.

So you work for a respected company whose names pops up in the first five possibilities when you key in it's first two letters on google search. You have in a record period of time moved on up two job levels, scales, grades or whatever your organisation chooses to call staggering your growth according to their preferred pace. You've also been recognised for the extra-curricular work you taken on.

You're expecting your second child, you are in good health, live on the right side of the tracks and your newly acquired German driving machine is in very good condition. You're the envy of your friends and an inspiration to many. Congratulations, you've done well thus far! But you know want more. A whole lot more.

While most people you encounter everyday don't understand how you can be so aloof, unappreciative of your good tidings and even term you greedy, I get you. Again; that age-old time-tested surefire process I referred to earlier is what is going to take you from here to that very attractive place you may not be in a position to coherently describe but have an inner knowing that is very specially yours. Hand-holding, guidance, mentorship, teaching, mirroring, coaching, call it whatever feels most palatable for you. You need it. That need does not put you in bad light.

Whatever your age, social and economic status, background and gender, allow yourself the gift of an enthusiastic guide, teacher, guide and friend consistently working with you to help you realize, appreciate your innate uniqueness and achieve your destined greatness. This is a person whose sole role is to stand by your side nurturing the steady rise of your candid self-awareness. Helping you build your self-belief to yield a 'can do' mentality that quickly becomes your default mindset. The person sees to it that you only target big hairy and scary audacious goals and consistently form the habits to successfully achieve each one of them within the shortest time-periods.

This person must purposely be committed to helping you defy the gravity of circumstances so you can stop scratching with the chickens and soar with the eagles.

Repeat this after me; "I am not made for basic comfort or above average performance. I am built with wild joy, success and abundances woven into every fibre of my being... And I must in this lifetime show gratitude to my maker by claiming it!"

We all have it in us to become wildly successful in every sphere of our lives. You owe it to yourself to find the person vested in you enough to help you consistently grow in every aspect of your life. So commit to finding that person to keep you true to yourself and hold you accountable. That means she/he must undertake to help you outline your goals and time-lines ensuring you remain on track.

Accountability is your personal GPRS system. It keeps you steadfastly on course throughout your journey to success, prosperity and abundance. Know that nothing great has ever been done by a single person. It is a wise person who recognizes the need to join together with great like minds for the purpose of productive goal attainment. Seeking the help of others on any endeavor doesn't make you weak. It makes you much stronger than you would be on your own. Co-drivers, co-pilots exist not because drivers and pilots do not know the way. They exist because road and air passengers deserve to arrive safely. Much the same as you have a right to safely arrive at your greatness.

Enlisting the help of an accountability partner ensures you eat, drink and live in alignment with the success principles that rein you in should you intentionally or unintentionally veer off course. It offers you much-needed encouragement and celebrates us as you go over each progressive milestone, inspiring you to achieve your most worthy ideals.

Disclaimer: do not do this if you're not prepared for success to advance toward you because when it does, it comes fast and furious. You want to understand how to graciously ready to receive it, feel it, enjoy it and inspire others to want and achieve it for themselves.

May abundance be yours.