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Why you attract things that often occupy your mind


Seek out the best in your field and start to vibrate within their frequency. FILE PHOTO | NMG

Your dominant thoughts inevitably manifest in your life. Both positive and negative thoughts work the same way. That said; your reality is determined by your thinking.

This is because thought precedes physical form. In this instance, “like attracts like”. The law of vibration by its very name causes vibrations of things or people in the same frequency to attract, hence it reference as the law of attraction. The law empowers you to think yourself into various positions of success in the various spheres of your life by positive thinking.

At face value, the law of attraction suggests that reality is subjective – that it is a creation of your mind. That may mean that if you’re looking at your zero bank balance while thinking of your bank balance as a million dollars, you bank balance would miraculously change. Of course it wouldn’t. For this reason, most underdeveloped thinkers dismiss the law of attraction as far-fetched new age thinking preferring the tangible (now) rather than the possible (future).

You know of people who have triumphed against life-threatening illness or dire financial situations to attract near miraculous health and financial recovery by attracting “saviour” investor on the nick of time. They shock and amaze all of us.

Yes, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, the architect of the universal plays a major role - through YOU! You may not miraculously raise the dead but start to perceive your internal make-up while focusing on making it what you want to attract. Knowing that like attracts like, it is impossible to be negative – even in your daily functions and attract positive.

Think about this situation; you’re excited about a big win at work. You excitedly share the news and colleagues who slaved away on the project with you are equally excited. You’ll most likely exchange enthusiastic jubilation rituals from high-fives to a celebratory drink and everything in-between. At that moment, you take no notice of that negative, unfriendly moody colleague who would rather buy a one-way ticket to hell than recognise your win, let alone congratulate you. If she is making a face or rolling her eyes at your “unprofessional joy” at that moment, it doesn't even begin to matter – you’re in a totally different space with those who feel (vibrate) the same as you. You’re strongly attract only those in the same frequency as you.

The same way misery loves company, positive, vibrant, upwardly mobile individuals by their very nature attract other positive, vibrant, upwardly mobile individuals. You notice that successful people tend to gravitate towards other successful people. If you don’t see them gravitating towards you, take heart; they have nothing against you. They don't despise you either. You’re just not in the same vibrational frequency as they are. If you want to become the best in your chosen field, you need to actively envision yourself as the best. Place yourself in the position that holds greater success for you in this endeavour. Seek out the best in your field and start to vibrate within their frequency.

It is important to bear in mind that it simply isn’t only about thought alone. All positive thought spurs positive emotion which in turn instructs our positive action. When we act positively, the universe organises itself in positive reaction. Enough said.