A Newfound Friday Hangout

Carol Atemi at Friday Unplugged event at Radisson Blu.
Carol Atemi at Friday Unplugged event at Radisson Blu. PHOTO | NMG 

It is finally the end of the week. You’ve been looking forward to the weekend so you can step away from your laptop to unwind and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

You wish you could book a holiday, but it is only the second week of March even though it feels like it is much farther along 2019.

A relaxed evening with soulful music, favourite drink in hand and a tranquil ambience is what you decide will take your mind off the fatigue.

You’re not energetic enough for a night with the boys or girls. You remember that Carol Atemi, Sage, Chris Bittok and Tetu Shani would be performing live at a spot in Nairobi. Hurriedly, you make your way to Radisson Blu hotel where the perfect Friday plan is happening.

Humidor Bar, at the ground floor, is adequately populated. It is a few minutes to 7pm and the soft and melodious voice of the talented singer Atemi reels you into where the magic is happening.


You take a seat at a good spot where you can see the stage and live band. The guitarist smiles as his fingers glide on his instrument so effortlessly, the saxophone guy blows on and the music just takes your mind away from all the stresses you walked in thinking about.

Take order

You take your jacket off and a server arrives to take your order. “We are having a Johnny Walker tasting for this evening, would you like to try some?” he asks. “This must be a sign, that is my favourite drink”. “I’ll have a double shot of the green label please, on the rocks”, you instruct.

“An Ed Sheeran rendition of “Thinking Out Loud” by Atemi has you thinking maybe you should have brought her along, but you are also feeling a bit selfish and deep down you prefer to meet her tomorrow and relish this exquisite evening all by yourself. Next Friday I’ll invite her along. You say.

A rich baritone voice fills the air and you realise Tetu looks different than he does on video performances you have watched online. He is laid back, approachable and when he starts singing the ladies cheer. He smiles.

A platter of lamb skewers, chicken wings, samosas and French fries is served before you right when your stomach had reminded you that you haven’t eaten since breakfast. The apple you had sometime around 12pm doesn’t count. You indulge and ask for a drink refill.

The performances continue and you get the much-deserved relaxation. By 10pm, the artistes put down the microphones and the restaurant ambience replaces their voices. That is your cue to head on home and look forward to another weekend. You look forward to next Friday so you can bring your friends along and show them your new-found Friday hangout plan.