What happens when you get air accident


When a plane crashes, who covers for the costs of the air passengers hospital bill abroad?

a) If the incident is caused by the operating air carrier, it will foot the hospital bill. If the accident was not caused by the operating carrier, the marketing carrier that issued the ticket to the passenger covers the cost of the costs. An example is passengers on a code-share flight with a different operating carrier and marketing carrier.

b) If a passenger has no international medical insurance, how are they covered? As above. Although it is prudent for passengers to get travel insurance as soon as they book their tickets. Why? Anything could happen between the date of the booking and the date of travel, that prevents you from flying, so you need to make sure that you’re fully covered for some eventualities for example medical emergencies.

c) Does the airline compensate for medial expenses the passenger incurs now and subsequently such as physiotherapy? Yes, the airline would cover these costs if the accident was attributable to them, if it wasn’t , the ticketing carrier would cover the costs.

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