Where to Eat in Nanyuki



Trout Tree Restaurant

Set right next to the Buruget River, this restaurant is constructed into a giant fig tree with wooden floorboards, staircases, bridges and furniture giving it a rustic back-to-nature feel. It is said to be so eco-friendly that their drinks are stored in the river to keep cool, and upon order, are hauled up via rope and served to patrons!

The restaurant does all of its own trout farming. Trout is the signature dish on the menu, and we had it pan fried fresh off the water then served with chips and garden salad. The space is ideal for children. You will likely spot colobus monkeys flitting up the trees as hyrax scurry between the wood.

Barney’s Nanyuki

As you drive into town from Nairobi, this spot is hard to miss given its convenient location right by the road. It also sits right next to the Nanyuki airstrip, and you will likely spot aeroplanes landing and taking off as you tuck into lunch.

The menu is largely Italian, and pizzas from its classic wood-fired oven are highly recommended.

Given its popularity with travellers, there is a souvenir shop with various hidden gems right next door, although the prices are a little on the higher side.

There is also another Little Barney’s in town, located close by at One Stop Nanyuki and with a menu that packs a punch in the sandwiches, burgers, pizza and pastries on offer.

Le Rustique

If you ask anyone who’s familiar with Nanyuki what a good place to eat around town is, this restaurant always comes up. The menu offers Mediterranean cuisine, and is actually more affordable than the impressions you would get from asking around.

If you’re looking for a laid-back yet somewhat upscale spot to go for dinner, this would be a good place to go.

With plenty of dishes to choose from, we had a grilled red snapper topped with a savoury cheese and leek sauce, and a fillet steak au poivre, all with a side of fries. There is a spa next door should you need a quick sprucing up, and the children can come along too, as there is a designated play area.

Kentrout 1972

This spot is located in Timau which is about an hour’s drive from Nanyuki. While the decor in the rustic space is more on the basic side, the key draw here is the scenic location.

Weather permitting, dine al fresco out in the lush garden under the shade of towering trees, and listen to the peaceful river as it gently streams past. There is no menu, so the attendant will tell you what is on offer by word of mouth. One thing you can always count on, though, is the trout; perfectly grilled and served with stir-fried vegetables and some roast potatoes.

Now in its 47th year of operation, the on-premise ponds have since dried up and they now have to be bought, and while the space could indeed use a facelift, it still continues to draw a loyal crowd thanks to its everlasting charm.