Enjoy Hotrod band at Sankara rooftop bar

Aerial view of the poolside bar. COURTESY
Aerial view of the poolside bar. COURTESY 

There are two entrances to the bar when you get off the elevator on the 7th floor. One of them involves walking over this small, two-metre long section of glass floor which has a view all the way to the bottom.

Even though I have a phobia for heights, I normally opt to use this route and scare myself half to death. For me, it’s the fleeting thrill and adrenaline rush it elicits, an excuse to order a single shot of whisky to calm my nerves down before the evening unfolds.

Every Friday, the Hotrod band holds court here. They take up an improvised stage next to the bar and fill the night with great tunes.

The rooftop of Sankara is sexy at night. There is the swimming pool that shimmers in the night.

Seven floors down, Westlands bustles aggressively. The crowd of revellers keeps growing at the rooftop as the night wears on. I’m not particularly hot about Hotrod band, and their performance doesn’t make me want to stand up and cheer, but it’s still a lovely night.

The waiters appeared overwhelmed but you got the feeling that it would take something drastic to change the course of an evening like that.

Several things work for Sankara up on the seventh floor. First, the altitude. It’s breezy and always magnificent to look at the city from that elevation.

Secondly, the ambience is always awe-inspiring. And lastly, their finger-foods are a scream.

What didn’t work for them, at least on the Friday I was there, was the music. Too loud. A poorly equalised sound system that drowns the music. But that’s something the band’s technician can fix.

The World Cup season is here and you will be happy to know that they erected a large screen just over the bar and a massive drop down projector on the wall near the pool. You will be able to watch your match seated anywhere in the bar.

To get the mood right, they have also hang numerous flags from different nationalities on the walls. Drinks aren’t cheap, but then again, at that height and with that ambience, you should expect to pay a little more.