Kenya, Rwanda tea fetch highest price at Mombasa auction

tea picking
Workers pick tea in Nandi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Kenya Tea Development Agency and the Rwandan teas have emerged the best beverages at the Mombasa auction, fetching more money compared with others in the latest auction.

A market report from the Mombasa auction indicates that Rwandan tea fetched Sh258 per kilo in the latest sale followed by KTDA at Sh226 for the same quantity.

At the tail end was Ugandan tea which fetched Sh111 per kilo. Rwanda has always been in the lead when it comes to the best tea, fetching a premium price compared with others.

“The quality of Rwandan tea has always been high and this is the sole reason the beverage always attract a premium price,” says a tea broker at the auction.

On average, all the Kenya’s tea at the auction fetched Sh209 per kilo. These tea comprise the ones that are processed by KTDA and the multinational firms locally.


Average price

During the sale, the average price of the commodity dropped to a low of Sh196 from Sh198 in the previous auction.

All the regional teas are marketed at the Mombasa auction by the East African Tea Traders Association before they are shipped out of the country.

Kenya, which is the leading tea exporter in the world, leads the auction in terms of volumes with more than three quarter of the produce traded at the auction coming in from the country.

Prices have remained low at the auction in the recent months in what has been attributed to high volumes of the commodity.

The low prices has led to congestion at the warehouses in Mombasa due to decreased demand of tea at the auction as most sellers withhold their commodity.