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Africa auditors seek uniform practice standards

Edwin Makori
ICPAK chief executive Edwin Makori. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA 

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) and Pan-African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) are jointly seeking to establish common qualification and practice standards in the region.

The announcement was made in Nairobi on Monday during the profession technical excellence and value management conference.

ICPAK chief executive Edwin Makori said the institute is keen to promote professional development in the region.

“The institute has been promoting the implementation of the East Africa Community Institutes of Accountants-Mutual Recognition Agreement (EACIA MRA),” said Mr Makori. “This agreement seeks to establish common qualification and practice standards, as well as pull down inter-regional employment barriers to facilitate mobility and productivity of professional accountants towards achievement of shared goals for the prosperity of Africa’s economies.”

PAFA, which was established in 2011 is the continental body representing Africa’s professional accountants, currently has 53 professional accountancy organisations from 43 countries - which ICPAK is a member.


PAFA chief executive Vickson Ncube said it will continue to increase the awareness of members on their required contribution to strengthen public management systems, to achieve wealth creation, fiscal discipline and effective service delivery to citizens.