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Builders told to invest in alternative technology

A construction site in Nairobi
A construction site in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Kenya’s construction industry needs to make heavy investments in the short term in alternative building technology and materials if the country is to meet the ambitious housing plan mooted by the government and solve a housing shortage, the head of the National Construction Authority (NCA) says.

NCA acting executive director Maurice Akech said this will allow the constructors to mass produce off-site components such as wall panels and floor slabs, to be delivered to housing construction sites when needed.

“Developers and investors will first get their building plans for the entire project approved from one point and hand it over to a building material manufacturer where they can bargain for favourable ex-factory prices,” said Mr Akech.

“Tax incentives for the large number of units delivered to the market in record time will further reduce the price of individual houses…the traditional stone-based construction is difficult to scale due to unpredictability of material prices,’ he said.

Mr Akech spoke in Nairobi when announcing the upcoming National Construction Week to run from November 7.