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Chinese material shortage halts Shelter Afrique works

Andrew Chimphondah
Shelter Afrique managing director Andrew Chimphondah. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Pan-African housing development financier Shelter Afrique has halted most of its low-cost housing projects amid a shortage of materials from China.

Shelter Afrique managing director Andrew Chimphondah said most of the projects rely on Chinese affordable materials, whose supply has been disrupted by a slowdown in industrial activities.

“Most of our developments rely on low-cost materials from China and because we drive low-cost high volume housing across Africa, we have not been able to get supplies,” he said.

Mr Chimpondah did not rule out redundancy plans if the slowdown continues in the sector for business to remain viable.

He added the company has sent half of its employees on forced leave due to slowdown in the construction sector.


“I think that is inevitable if you want the business to be viable but that will be the last straw. What we have done is half of our staff are working from home 50 percent are in force leave,” he said.

Mr Chimpondah added the government’s measures to curb coronavirus have also delayed many of its projects.