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DPO launches EA payment card

Eran Feinstein
DPO Group chief executive Eran Feinstein. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Payment service provider DPO Group has launched a business-to-business payment card that holders can use to settle transactions in 10,000 business outlets in Kenya and Tanzania.

Group chief executive Eran Feinstein said DumaCard is aimed at offering businesses a seamless and cashless platform to conduct cross-border transactions without the hustle of exchanging currency notes.

“Businesses will pay and be paid securely for goods and services sourced from anywhere in Africa. Now more organisations can have the same opportunity to transact online as elsewhere in the world,” he said.

The development closely follows DPO’s partnership with tech-pay platform provider Mastercard where DPO Group in collaboration with banks was allowed to issue physical and virtual cards.

Last year Mastercard enabled DPO Group to act as a Pan-African switch via Mastercard Payments Gateway Services, (MPGS) giving it independence in authorising transactions without requiring bank integration.


DumaCard, which can be topped up via mobile money, does not require one to own a bank account and can be used anywhere in Africa.

“It can also be customised to allow merchants to pay single or multiple recipients. The company is targeting travellers who now do not need to change currencies every time they enter into a new country,” said the statement.

Mr Feinstein said DumaCard can also be used to settle airline fares, hotel bookings as well as for retail shopping.

“Consumers can now use the card for shopping on online stores such as Amazon and Netflix and will soon settle utility bills to entertainment subscriptions,” he said.

Founded in 2006, DPO currently works with 45,000 merchants including 60 airlines, hotels, restaurants and travel agents across Africa.

It has 250 employees and a presence in 16 African countries.