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NYS seeks machines for tailoring school

Matilda Sakwa
Ms Matilda Sakwa, the NYS director general. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL 

The National Youth Service (NYS) is acquiring sewing machines for its Ruaraka institute in what is expected to address the shortage of industrial tailoring technicians.

The NYS facility churns out 1,000 uniforms per day for the disciplined forces and engages 250 NYS students.

In a notice, NYS director general Matilda Sakwa invited local and international bids for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of new textile machines.

“Bids filed should include a Sh700,000 performance security from a reputable bank of approved insurance that will remain valid for 120 days,” she said in the tender that closes today. It is expected to be a relief to the fast-growing export-bound apparel factories.

A 2018 report says 22 companies employing 46,248 people exported ready-made garments to the US and Europe.


Embroidery, button hole, overlock, fabric shredding, and fusing machines are some of the items on the tender.