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State seeks views in crafting budget for four-point plan

Kenya is looking to have enough food for all in the next five years. file photo | nmg
Kenya is looking to have enough food for all in the next five years. file photo | nmg 

The Treasury is seeking proposals on the 2018/19 national Budget based on the four-point agenda put forward by President Uhuru Kenyatta as his government’s focus for the next five years.

The agenda revolves around the provision of universal, quality and affordable healthcare to all, adequate housing, supporting value addition in manufacturing and ensuring food security for all by 2022.

The Budget is supposed to provide ways of raising revenue and spending proposals, which are then debated and approved by Parliament, sometimes after making changes.

“National Treasury hereby invites institutions, the private sector, nongovernmental organisations and individuals to submit proposals on economic policy measures that the cabinet secretary could consider in preparing the national Budget for the financial year 2018/19,” said a public notice posted by Treasury principal secretary Kamau Thugge.

The agenda on which the proposals is based is geared towards economic transformation with two of the four pillars being manufacturing and agriculture as well as agro-processing. The construction of half a million houses is also expected to improve provision of shelter given that the current annual production does not meet the demand.

“Under the economic transformation agenda, the government has laid a solid foundation for Kenya’s industrialisation as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030,” the PS said adding that the new project will build on the progress so far made in order to accelerate industrialisation and further transform the lives of Kenyans.

Dr Thugge said the proposals could also be submitted on improving macroeconomic stability, business regulatory reforms, the tax system and revenue administration reforms as well as other measures that could deepen private and public involvement in the efforts aimed at spurring economic growth and development.

The proposals must be submitted by February 28.

The National Budget calendar under the 2010 Constitution dictates that estimates must be submitted by the end of April every year.